The Mary Alice Streeter Scholarship Program

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Scholarships Available

  • Undergraduate and/or Graduate Scholarships for individuals pursuing a degree relevant to medical practice management at accredited universities and colleges.
  • Continuing Education Scholarships for individuals pursuing relevant professional development through attendance at conferences, workshops and seminars sponsored either by nationally recognized professional associations or accredited universities and colleges.

Who Can Apply
Ohio MGMA Members. Preference in the selection of all scholarship recipients is given to individuals who either by past experience, current position or future plans demonstrate potential for contributing to the medical practice management profession.

Application Process
First, determine your specific eligibility for the scholarship(s) you wish to pursue. Second, develop your application by following the application requirements. Third, complete the Ohio MGMA Scholarship Application Form and return it with the appropriate application materials to:

P.O. Box 790

Ohio MGMA expects a completed application and will acknowledge the receipt of same. Ohio MGMA will not accept responsibility for an incomplete application nor will it further process an incomplete application.


Application Requirements

All applications must include:

  • A letter stating career goals and objectives relevant to medical practice management;
  • A résumé; and
  • Three reference letters commenting on the individual’s performance, character, potential to succeed and need for scholarship support.

If you are seeking an Undergraduate or Graduate Education Scholarship, also include:

  • Documentation indicating acceptance into an undergraduate or graduate college or university; or
  • Academic transcript(s) indicating undergraduate or graduate work completed to date.

If you are seeking a Continuing Education Scholarship, also include:

  • Explanation of individual need for professional development and the specific continuing educational activity planned to meet this need (i.e. content, time, date, location and cost).

Application Deadline
The completed application materials must be received by August 1st in the year you wish to be considered for. Any materials received after this date will not be considered.