All Ohio MGMA conferences and webinars meet the requirements for continuing education credit hours from the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE). These CE hours are good towards certification requirements

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ACMPE - The American College of Medical Practice Executives
Established in 1956, the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE) is the standard-setting and certification body of the Medical Group Management Association. ACMPE offers board certification and Fellowship in medical practice management. ACMPE's mission is to continually improve the performance of medical group practice professionals and the organizations they represent. Their vision is to be the recognized leader in defining and supporting the profession of medical group management. Some benefits of board certification:

  • Demonstrates your broad knowledge of medical practice management
  • Enhances your professional status by earning a nationally recognized professional designation
  • Provides a distinct advantage over other candidates when seeking employment and promotions
  • Assists you in justifying more salary, on average, than noncertified professionals
  • Can be used as a part of a professional growth plan you can develop with your employer
  • Expands your network of medical practice executives who have chosen to excel in the profession

The board certification exam assesses your:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the broad scope of medical practice management principles and issues
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Ability to communicate in writing
  • Oral communication skills

ACMPE board certified professionals enjoy:

  • Professional respect from physicians, peers and colleagues
  • Increased earning and career potential
  • Leading many of the nation's best-performing medical practices

Fellows are members of ACMPE who have chosen to advance beyond board certification and Fellowship (FACMPE) is the highest level of distinction in the medical management field.

Continuing Education Credit

  • All Ohio MGMA state conferences and webinars meet the requirements for continuing education credit hours from ACMPE. These CE hours are good towards certification requirements.

Log your ACMPE Credit hours

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select “My Dashboard” found on the top right corner.
  3. Select “MANAGE MY ACCOUNT” found on the top left corner.
  4. Select “ACMPE TRACKING” found on the left side to enter the portal.
  5. Click “ACMPE Transcript” to review your total claimed credit hours and to request altering existing credit hours.
  6. Click “Add ACMPE Continuing Education Hours” to claim all qualified hours for ACMPE.
    • To add hours for MGMA and external sources, complete “ Claim My Additional Credit”.
    • To claim your completed MGMA webinars and conferences, complete “Claim My Attended MGMA Events”.


Ohio MGMA is here to support you on your journey to Certification
For questions about ACMPE, support by Ohio MGMA and how to get started on the path to certification, contact our ACMPE Forum Representative


Lorri Fowler, MBA, FACMPE

Columbus, Ohio

2020 is the year to become certified and there are two big enhancements to the ACMPE certification program (1) A free online preparation course and (2) on demand testing beginning in June.

FREE ACMPE Board Certification Preparation
This online course will be offered quarterly in 2020:
  • Jan. 22 – March 18, 2020
  • April 8 – June 3, 2020
  • July 8 – Sept. 2, 2020

Q1 – Course Information - Jan. 22 – March 18, 2020:

Registration includes two webinars, held on Jan. 22 and March 18, 2020; six self study session modules; and one exam that allows you to claim continuing education credit. You must attend all sessions to claim ACMPE and CEU credit.

The ACMPE Board Certification Preparation Course is designed to help healthcare professionals prepare for the ACMPE exam. This comprehensive course helps examinees identify content necessary to meet board certification standards, including financial management, regulatory compliance, organizational governance and departmental operations management. To best prepare applicants for the examinations, topics are reviewed from the perspective of a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals and ambulatory care settings.

Session 1: Board Certification Preparation Overview webinar held Jan. 22, 2020, at 1:00 - 1:30 pm ET (12:00 pm CT, 11:00 am MT, 10:00 am PT)

Sessions 2 through 7 are self study modules:

  • Session 2: Operations Management Review
  • Session 3: Financial Management Review
  • Session 4: Human Resources Management Review
  • Session 5: Risk and Compliance Review
  • Session 6: Organizational Governance Review
  • Session 7: Patient?Centered Care Review

Session 8: Board Certification Preparation: Live Question and Answer Session held March 18, 2020, at 1:00 – 1:30 pm ET (12:00 pm CT, 11:00 am MT, 10:00 am PT)

For more details please see the detailed agenda at the MGMA website


*NEW* On Demand Testing in 2020:

ACMPE exam registration is going on demand.

Beginning in March, ACMPE program participants can register and sit for their exams with as little as two days’ notice any time of the year.

To become board certified, members must pass the multiple choice and scenario?based exam requirement. You must register for each exam individually.

Before registering for an exam, you must:

  1. Be an MGMA member
  2. Have been accepted into the ACMPE board certification program
  3. Completed the education and experience requirements*

* Those who have not yet completed their education and experience requirements may not register for the scenario based exam.


Interested in Certification?  Start by registering here.